February 13, 2020
Video Content is Booming – Why Your Video Content Needs to be a Cut Above to Stand Out from the Masses.
You are here reading this blog so you’ll probably already know that a business can’t afford to ignore the marketing power of video content.  However if you need a little refresher perhaps the following statistics will be of interest.

  • An incredible 74% of online traffic is projected to be through video ALONE by 2017.
  • Video is widely recognized to be the best return on investment than any other online marketing avenue.
  • Scientists studying eye mapping have proven that video content engages viewer attention far beyond any other listing.
  • 69% of smartphone users polled agree that video is their preferred medium of receiving information as it is better suited to the constraints of screen size and gives a quick overview.

Finally, and what we need to keep in mind is this key fact:

  • Online marketers have quickly embraced video marketing in their communications and sales. A huge 93% already use video content as their #1 method.

That’s right your video content is going up and jockeying for the attention of viewers in a sea awash with competition.

It might be time to step back and take a look at the quality of your videos. How’s the production, the visual, the audio? Is YOUR video going to make the viewer stop and watch – especially when there is another video just down the page?

A way most content can be improved is by using a good voiceover. Not just a tool to be relegated to instructional videos, good voiceover can be used in most videos to set tone, inject humour or gravitas, keep the viewer informed and more importantly keep them watching.

The key when using voiceover work is to ensure that the audio is flawless and that your voice talent sounds good.  A lot of video creators will enlist the services of a voice over production team to get the results they want and need.

Professionalism, expertise, recording techniques and experience can only lead to the best result in voiceover. There’s no doubt that you viewer will respond to a well-produced video.

Find out how using a voice over will push you video from a skip over to a must watch. Contact VidVoices when creating your next online video content.

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