March 27, 2020
It’s a Voice Off! Pro vs Amateur
It’s tempting to forgo the somewhat higher-fee pro voiceover service when there are unforeseen expenditures to consider, bills due and people to be paid. But in the long-term do cutting talent production costs save or cost you, in the end?

Here we examine the age old quality vs quantity conundrum that every business owner is ultimately faced with (whether in radio, production or even baking!).

It’s up to you to decide what makes sense and what’s more important, so here we outline the pros and cons of professional voiceover services next to the more budget friendly amateur voiceover services available too.


Amateur Voiceover Work


  1. Pocket-Friendly $

Amateur artists are either about to establish a career, part-time active or do it as a hobby, so they generally charge you less.

  1. New Talent

Sometimes you can get lucky and catch a retired or up-and-coming fresh, professional voice! Be sure to scout for talent (but it might take time and resources).



  • Lower Standard

Amateur artists are an economical option, at the expense of sound, artistry and industry knowledge (unfortunately). Be prepared for a fair amount of reworking, editing, and retakes!

  • Inexperience

While it’s true that you might get lucky and find someone with a bit of experience, quite often you’ll be dealing with new-to-the-game artists who are keen for exposure. This means a noticeable reduction in execution, production, and overall delivery quality. If you’re not willing to put in the re-work effort, it’s probably best to steer clear of amateur voiceover work.

Professional Voiceover Work


  • Top Quality

Professional artists are more expensive and with good reason. With fewer re-takes, re-dos, and editing needed consider the job done right when you ask the first time.

  • Experienced Professionals

You know what they say, experience and dedication trumps talent! Artists who’ve been in the industry for years know the requirements innately and can adapt to needs fast.



  • Pricey

Your pocket will take more of a hit than it will hiring an amateur artist, however, rest assured in the knowledge that tried and tested quality plus talent will enhance your brand, products, and services endlessly!


So there you have it, a simple summary of the pros and cons to each option.

We know which one we’d rather go with, after all, are you in it for now, or for good?

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