March 3, 2020
Get Closer – video marketing lessons from pop songs.
How does the #1 pop song teach us to make effective and exciting videos? Well, they share a lot more in common than we think. And pop songs actually share the same concepts that your video should be using.

We ain’t ever getting older.

We ain’t ever getting older.

Notice how every pop song utilizes repetition to the point of being overplayed and annoying. It’s for a very effective reason. Your video should find its natural chorus or, in your case, its main point, and repeat it. This may be the promotion you’re pushing or the sale you want your viewer to repeat ad nauseum.

On that note, have you ever noticed pop songs all sound the same? The Axis of Awesome even has a four chords skit to prove it. But that’s because people love the familiar. They fall in line and know what is coming next. So let your video follow that natural progression. There is a place to be creative (like your content and jingle) and there are places where your audience should know what’s coming (your company name, information). The critical point here is making your video creative without sacrificing its straight forward nature.

On that note, pop songs all touch on the same topics, things that tug at us emotionally. They’re sappy and overly silly, but people like lyrics that talk about love and loyalty and heartbreak. When they’re watching your video, they’ll be more in tune if you can tug at their emotional heartstrings too. Give them a reason to connect to your store. Give them a reason to buy their product. Conjure up images of nostalgia.

Lastly, pop songs have a narrow message. They can usually be summed up in one sentence. Your message should do the same. The attention span of the viewer is not a long one so don’t give them the chance to stray. Be succinct.

So, baby, pull me closer… with your script.

I’ll be more likely to remember your video.

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